Digital Print: To Improve Speed to Market
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Digital Print: To Improve Speed to Market

Tim Enright, CISO, CPI Card Group
Tim Enright, CISO, CPI Card Group

Tim Enright, CISO, CPI Card Group

Challenges in Technology

The printing sector is changing as technology becomes a larger part of the overall printed product. Smart Cards will play a much larger role in our lives in the U.S. My wish list would include further adoption of smart cards in banking and transit and smart posters in retail. Interactive posters containing contactless chips are becoming more interesting to customers and prices should decline as more and more chips hit the market and consumers open their smart phones to messaging. We will all need to become tech-savvy in the near future to take advantage of this new opportunity both as manufacturers and consumers.

"Acceptance of digital print compared to high resolution lithographic printing is a challenge at times"

Things that Keep me Awake at Night

Acceptance of digital print compared to high resolution lithographic printing is a challenge at times. Every year we see great advances and I hope to see the next generation of digital print that breaks through to challenge in both quality and price. This will improve speed to market without degradation of quality.

Trends with a Significant Impact

Smart Cards and digital file delivery via our MYCA solution are current trends that are very important for CPI Card Group. The addition of a smart card chip to your banking card will minimize fraud in the US and the ability to personalize this card by sending in, or selecting your own image will bring this card to the top of consumer wallets.

Changing Role of a CIO

Due to the increased fraud in the retail and banking sectors, we have seen more stringent controls for PCI security. This drives more association and customer driven compliance audits than ever before. We have taken a proactive approach to compliance and meet with senior leadership more often to report our plans and progress for improved security. This proactive approach also improves yearly budgeting since senior management is more aware of hardware and software needs well before year end budget reviews.

My Word for a CIO

There are many opportunities to lean new ideas and best practices when working with both internal and external auditors. I suggest a transparent approach with all auditors to maximize the chance to improve your overall security program. Auditors have seen many best practices that you can benefit from if you are willing to work openly with them during your compliance audits. Many technology decisions can be discussed with auditors prior to purchase to either solidify decisions or avoid making the wrong choice. Ultimately, your choices can both increase security for your organization and improve compliance audit efficiencies.

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