DiMAX Office Solutions: Revolutionary Technology to Change the MPS Landscape

Aaron Falk, President
The Managed Print Services (MPS) market continues to gain momentum as enterprises seek to tackle the escalating print costs and drive greater business ef¬ficiency. The market is relatively buoyant with most of the organizations either already using or planning to use MPS over the next year. But, CIOs face unique challeng¬es that are both similar and inimitable based on their business, as MPS solu¬tions are moving targets that are influ¬enced by customer needs, available technology and budgets.

“No one likes being ‘nickeled and dimed.’ Unfortunately, that’s probably what the office copiers and printers are doing to organizations,” says Aaron Falk, President of DiMAX Office Solutions. “When printing costs an incredible amount, it’s hard to streamline management of printers and digital imaging. The clients need a way where they pay only for their actual usage. We are providing managed print solutions that help firms keep track of their expenditure.” DiMAX provides a MPS program that uses a robust toolkit of solutions to drive down costs and provide a preeminent solution fit in all areas of a firm’s business. The company has chosen to collaborate with a variety of solution vendors, allowing them to take the best from their vendors and package a solution that is tailored to the specific needs of a client. Toshiba is one of those partners that play a major role in DiMAX’s MPS offering, along with a host of other solution partners like HP, Lexmark, and a smorgasbord of software solutions.

According to Falk, most MPS providers evolve with the industry from a technology stand-point, but often overlook an important ingredient—serving the customer till they are satisfied. “We spend more time behind the scenes, working on improving the customer experience, than on anything else,” he adds. “We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the key, and we ensure it by letting our staff know that we work for the customer first, then DiMAX.”

The company offers monitored printing service where they monitor an organization’s printing 24/7 so that they can provide clients with comprehensive reports about their expenditures.

Our goal is to provide customers with enterprise class solutions along with the experience of their very own MPS department

By freeing up capital and reducing energy consumption, DiMAX lowers a firm’s bills and carbon footprint. An example of their unique solutions comes forth in the form of a leading global manufacturer of exercise equipments. The client had a complicated process for handling pick tickets in their warehouse to fill orders. DiMAX, through their solution, covered the client’s entire annual printer and copier budget by simplifying the print process and streamlining the workflow for warehouse staff, while reducing the spend on printer supplies and outsourced forms.

In addition to expanding their portfolio of MPS offerings, DiMAX have forayed into Managed IT Services by collaborating with various IT service vendor’s to provide their customers a complete network solution—from the mouse to the printer and everything in between. DiMAX also delivers financial services to help a business acquire not just the technology they want, but also heavy equipment, forklifts, buildings, and anything they may need to lease. “We are not a one-size fits all kind of service provider. Our goal is to provide customers with enterprise class solutions along with the experience of a personalized MPS department,” explains Falk.

For the days to come, Falk and his team are taking their successful MPS philosophy of having the finest solution partners, service guarantees, and, “the drive to deliver the finest customer experience into everything IT related,” concludes Falk.

DiMAX Office Solutions

Janesville, WI

Aaron Falk, President

Provides a managed printer services program that uses an excellent toolkit of solutions that drive down costs alongside offering the best solution