Lanvera: Leveraging Technology to Innovate Robust Document Management Processes

Anna Wilson, VP of Client Services
A leading Texas-based hospitality management company, with 200 different entities, was bombarded with a slew of communication issues. The main agenda was to create a centralized communication process to maintain consistency across all the sub branches. Lanvera, a pioneer in print and electronic document management, stepped in to analyze the situation. The key problem was streamlining the entire documentation process for the complex business relationships and providing consistent formatting and branding. However, the client’s sub branches, which were using a different documentation style, further accelerated the problem. To overcome the hurdle, Lanvera created a robust, centralized platform to upload data and identify the right database according to specific attributes. “We also delivered customized statements electronically, which drastically increased the data accessibility,” recalls Anna Wilson, Vice President of Client Services, Lanvera. Subsequently, the hospitality company improved their brand consistency, data quality, and accessibility—saving time and operational costs.

With its out-of-the-box innovation, Lanvera offers highly automated, state-of-the-art secure print and mail facilities—designed for 100 percent document integrity, while meeting even the most demanding service-level agreements. However, Anna points out that the biggest challenge lies in allowing clients to make changes in their electronic documents. “Apart from making quick changes, the documents should also comply with the government regulations, which changes according to state laws. We have an automated processing system that legalizes data according to the location,” she explains. Lanvera allows its customers to access a one-point portal where changes can be made easily.

Headquartered in Coppell, TX, Lanvera’s advanced processing center produces millions of printed and electronic documents every month. “Our cloud-based technology allows customers to be self-sufficient and effectively manage the data business,” says Anna. With its high-speed full color printing and scanning process, Lanvera keeps a track of every email to ensure deliverability and manage the workflow. In addition, its barcode technology provides full visibility and trackability of documents.

Our cloud-based technology allows customers to be self-sufficient and effectively manage the data business

“From a process standpoint, our system accepts and creates data in any required format,” she adds. Moreover, the company also has a robust disaster management system that helps companies move quickly to electronic presentment with email communication, enabling relocated customers to access their documents online.

Today, documentation has taken the role of a core business asset—a mechanism for businesses to generate huge revenue. Incidentally, realizing the importance of documentation in business strategies, enterprises are moving towards service providers that provides custom-critical data for better visibility. “We stand apart from our counterparts with the ability to complete the documentation process in a single day. Our specially developed technology produces standard templates that push the documents to production at a high speed,” states Anna.

Lanvera believes in understanding the specific operational challenges of clients before offering custom solutions. With more than 1600 customers, Lanvera strives to leverage technology to deliver the best-in-breed print-mail electronic document process. “We are constantly challenging ourselves to develop innovative and intuitive methods of delivering data, since the newer generation prefers to receive information in a different way,” adds Anna. Lanvera also regularly examines various software products, helping customers deliver information rapidly, be self-sufficient, and reduce operational costs.

With a strong presence in the financial services business, Lanvera is now venturing into other industries including healthcare, insurance, and utilities. We also have big plans to develop a few competitive products based on our customer’s feedback and key market challenges,” concludes Anna.


Coppell, TX

Anna Wilson, VP of Client Services

A pioneer in print and electronic document management