James Imaging Systems: Optimizing a Customized Print Fleet

Tom Tegeder, President and Lola Tegeder
Businesses have always been on the lookout for experts to manage and optimize their document output to gain efficiencies and reductions in cost. For over 40 years, James Imaging Systems, a Women-Owned Business, has provided innovative document imaging and printing solutions to their clients. One of their goals has always been to contribute to the growth of their local economy. James Imaging Systems understands the unique opportunities and challenges faced by the Southeastern Wisconsin business community and matches technologies uniquely suited to each client’s specific needs. Their focus is to ensure that clients have the necessary tools to communicate and securely share documents quickly and effectively.

Most businesses today are discovering that the last unmanaged expense in their operation relates to the production, output and distribution of documents. For years, James Imaging Systems has worked with local companies to implement a variety of cost-saving and productivity boosting print management strategies. “We deliver customized Managed Print Services (or MPS) solutions as well as fulfill the supplies for print devices based on customer requirements,” states Tom Tegeder, President of James Imaging Systems.

Through their PrintSmart Program, James Imaging Systems follows a 5-step process to help their clients improve their productivity and increase profits: Define— Current objectives; Measure—Conduct a technology inventory; Analyze— Assess current device utilization and related expenses; Improve—Make recommendations to optimize the document output process; Control—Ongoing review and account management.

James Imaging Systems brings a significant reduction in the equipment downtime through its data collection software and remote monitoring. Remote monitoring software is used to track the meters on individual print devices, automatically fulfill supply needs and increase billing accuracy and timeliness.

We deliver customized MPS solutions as well as fulfill the supplies for print devices based on customer requirements

The software provides the meter readings of all the networked print devices, thus enabling complete control over support costs and consumable stock. Additionally, the software ensures a faster response time to the alerts raised, such as for toner replacement and other related requirements of print devices within an organization.

One of James Imaging Systems’ remarkable success stories is with a financial organization headquartered in Wisconsin that was struggling to manage their print service requests, which came across from their multiple locations. James Imaging Systems conducted a free print cost analysis for the organization and mapped all the current individual print devices from their individual branch operations. James Imaging Systems strategically optimized the print fleet and reduced the overall spend in document output of the financial organization. This helped them enhance their employee productivity and dropped equipment downtime resulting in a 47.2 percent increase in ROI.

James Imaging Systems looks forward to maintaining its sustainable position in providing managed print solutions by fueling the right devices at the right place. The company intends to continue pursuing a deeper dive with electronic document management by helping clients to automate document-intensive processes and thoroughly network them with each other for more productive outcomes within the MPS realm. James Imaging Systems is “Your Local Document Imaging Partner.”

James Imaging Systems

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Tom Tegeder, President and Lola Tegeder

Provider of innovative document imaging and printing solutions that increase productivity while reducing print costs

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